Integrity – January 2021

2021 opens with Sky & Utah at the Port Gardner Sound Studios with their crew recording for a new podcast entitled “Integrity”. During the “Covid 19” shutdown, Sky had been spending a lot of time going through quotations. So when they were talking in December 2021, about doing a podcast, what better topic to pick but Integrity?

The decision is always difficult to pick he right quotations, and as you will hear Utah usually get the final say, but others, Bill and Henry, also have their input.

This podcast is being dedicated to Ed Bremmer of KSER 90.7 FM, who left us in December of 2020. Utah spent 5 years working with Ed at the station. If there was anyone who was a fine example of Integrity, it was ED! Always wanting to know both sides of the story, and if he didn’t have it, kept digging. He loved what he did! click here to listen.

2017 Cowboy Conditions – New Format


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, of all sizes colors and genders, welcome to the marvelous show, you’ve been aching to partake in.

We did six shows in 2016 that were broken up into pieces, so that the technology could catch up.

In 2017 we are going to do going to do short “chapters”.  Chapter 1 for January is all about “optimism and delightfullness”.

click here to listen to Utah Red and Sky Russell in “2017 Chapter 1”.