It’s Spring Time – Podcast #4

In Episode #1 music performed by Utah and Sky which includes “Love is a Rose” written by Neil Young and made popular by Linda Ronstadt and This Land is Your Land, written by Woody Guthrie which is a favorite folk song sung by many and even the “dean” of folk, Mr. Pete Seeger.

In episode #2 you are listening to You Plant Your Fields composed by Donny Lowery and Wendy Waldman, performed by Kathy Mattea, “Be a Dewey” (Sky’s Story) and From a Distance written by Julie Gold, sung by Bette Milder, Grammy award for “Song of the Year in 1991”. .

In episode #3 you are listening to Some Day I Will Lead the Parade sung by Patty Loveless written by Tony Arata and Scott Miller and ending with “Red River Valley”, one of Sky’s Dad’s favorites.

Be sure to visit and shop locally at a fabulous farmers market in your area, and if you can, grow food in your garden and share with your neighbors. click here to visit a Washington State Farmers Market.