Women’s Showcase Feb.15th

Utah Red was our host for this fabulous Women’s Showcase featuring some of the best talent Everett, will every hear!

Featured on this evening were Trisch, Kim, Lynda, Andie, Margie, Minda, Rebecca, Suzanne, and Joan. “Non Profit”, for the Evening was “Go Red for Women” American Heart Association. A “Big Thank You” to Port Gardner Bay Winery for being our host. click here to listen to the evening.

Chapter 11 – Jokes & Color of the Wind

Well, Sky was drivin’ the grey pony to the stables on old 99 every weekday morning ….bored out of his ever loving mind…so he said to himself …”hey why not read jokes when I’m stuck at red lights. I’ll be famous, and then share them in the Chapter 11 Podcast!”

Here are Sky’s fabulous jokes and Utah singing Color of the Wind. Hope you enjoy it! click here to listen in…..

A Cowboy Conditions Christmas

Welcome to 2018 Cowboy Conditions Christmas which is being presented  in two parts for your listening pleasure.

Utah Red and Sky Russel will share with you wit and wisdom from Dr. Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa along with some classic Christmas songs. We hope you’ll want to join in singing while you listen. click here to listen.

Happy Trails and a very Merry Holiday Season to All

It’s Fall 2016 – CowBoy Conditions

Join Utah Red and Sky Russell for their 2016 Fall podcast all about “being gone!”

Utah and Sky have chosen five songs that they hope capture the theme of this podcast. Songs performed are Cry On the Shoulder, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Gravity, On Top of Old Smokey and Life As We Knew It.

And do take a little time to enjoy Sky’s Story about “17 Miles of Gone.”

Plan to listen to all 4 episodes click here to take you through your Fall Journey.