Greatness – Jim Watson

A far as the concept of great people, success, and hard work, Sky and Utah would like to honor someone who recently passed in January of 2021 during this podcast.

Jim Watson was a fine example of greatness throughout his time spent here on this earth with us. He inspired many that he touched with is words and wisdom.

Sky and Utah wanted to share a few quotations, readings and a song, that they thought Jim would especially enjoy and give us that great smile, just one more time. click here to listen

Integrity – January 2021

2021 opens with Sky & Utah at the Port Gardner Sound Studios with their crew recording for a new podcast entitled “Integrity”. During the “Covid 19” shutdown, Sky had been spending a lot of time going through quotations. So when they were talking in December 2021, about doing a podcast, what better topic to pick but Integrity?

The decision is always difficult to pick he right quotations, and as you will hear Utah usually get the final say, but others, Bill and Henry, also have their input.

This podcast is being dedicated to Ed Bremmer of KSER 90.7 FM, who left us in December of 2020. Utah spent 5 years working with Ed at the station. If there was anyone who was a fine example of Integrity, it was ED! Always wanting to know both sides of the story, and if he didn’t have it, kept digging. He loved what he did! click here to listen.

Women’s Showcase Feb.15th

Utah Red was our host for this fabulous Women’s Showcase featuring some of the best talent Everett, will every hear!

Featured on this evening were Trisch, Kim, Lynda, Andie, Margie, Minda, Rebecca, Suzanne, and Joan. “Non Profit”, for the Evening was “Go Red for Women” American Heart Association. A “Big Thank You” to Port Gardner Bay Winery for being our host. click here to listen to the evening.

Benefit Concert – Jan. 31, 2020

If you were not able to attend the Benefit Concert click here, it will take you to the podcasts from the evening.

Great evening to support the Colville Tribes. Featuring Free Harmony, plus special guests The Jaydogs. Plan to be there with Utah Red and Sky Russell on Friday Night January 31st at the Port Gardner Bay Winery.

What a Great Showcase!

What a fantastic showcase we had back in November of 2019!

Finally, we are able to get caught up and posted highlights from the showcase on the Cowboy Conditions Podcast. click here to go to the podcast page.

We were was blown away! Big thanks to the Community for Supporting these musicians and small Theater. Big thanks to the Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish for the short video footage of performers.

Below are a few clips of video, from each set. But don’t stop here click on the podcast. You are really going to enjoy the evening.

Nikki Schilling

Savannah Wood – Waking Maya

Free Harmony with Katie Weed

A Cowboy Conditions Christmas

Join Utah Red and Sky Russell as they share several Christmas shows with you this season.

Starting December 1 they will share a song each day for 12 days. These are some of the Christmas Classics that they both love. Hope you enjoy quotations from Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa, plus fun holiday banter as well.

Then on Christmas Eve listen to Sky Russell and Friends Christmas, as Bill asks those questions everyone has wanted to know through the ages, and then Sky and Utah bring you into the NEW YEAR with quotations from Reverend Martin Luther King.

We here at the Port Gardner Golden Age Studio, hope A Cowboy Conditions Christmas will bring you joy and laughter this very special time of year. Remember to share with your friends, this unplugged podcast recorded live. click here to listen A Cowboy Conditions Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Utah Red & Sky Russell

Nov. 16th – Saturday Night Acoustic Showcase

You won’t want to miss this evening of fabulous music at the Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish.

Showcase will feature: Waking Maya Band (Indie) from Stanwood, Nikki Schilling (Singer, songwriter and pianist) from Everett and Free Harmony with Katie Weed (60’s & Americana) based out of Bellingham.

Tickets are available for $20 at

Listen to June 22 – Sat. Night Acoustic Showcase

Welcome everyone to the Cowboy Conditions, it’s Utah Red here. Today we are gonna share with you some highlights from from the Saturday Night Acoustic Showcase that was held at the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish on June 22, 2019 from 7pm to 10pm.

Featured performances that evening were Erandolin Celtic String Band, A Well Known Stranger and It’s About Time.

click here to listen to 1 hour podcast of highlights from this show.

Oh and if you missed the 1st Saturday Night Acoustic Showcase in June, well there is gonna be another one.

Yep… the 2nd Saturday Night Acoustic Showcase on November 16th from 7pm to 10pm will be held again at the Thumbnail Theater, with featured performances by Waking Maya Band, Nikki Schilling and Free Harmony with Katie Weed from Bellingham.

Too find out more about these performers and to get your tickets go to https://Cowboy Now sit back, put up your feet and get comfy. We think you are really going to enjoy yourself!