Integrity – January 2021

2021 opens with Sky & Utah at the Port Gardner Sound Studios with their crew recording for a new podcast entitled “Integrity”. During the “Covid 19” shutdown, Sky had been spending a lot of time going through quotations. So when they were talking in December 2021, about doing a podcast, what better topic to pick but Integrity?

The decision is always difficult to pick he right quotations, and as you will hear Utah usually get the final say, but others, Bill and Henry, also have their input.

This podcast is being dedicated to Ed Bremmer of KSER 90.7 FM, who left us in December of 2020. Utah spent 5 years working with Ed at the station. If there was anyone who was a fine example of Integrity, it was ED! Always wanting to know both sides of the story, and if he didn’t have it, kept digging. He loved what he did! click here to listen.

Chapter 11 – Jokes & Color of the Wind

Well, Sky was drivin’ the grey pony to the stables on old 99 every weekday morning ….bored out of his ever loving mind…so he said to himself …”hey why not read jokes when I’m stuck at red lights. I’ll be famous, and then share them in the Chapter 11 Podcast!”

Here are Sky’s fabulous jokes and Utah singing Color of the Wind. Hope you enjoy it! click here to listen in…..

Chapter 10 – Friendship & Frugality

Chapter 10 another award wining podcast as Utah and Sky further reexamination their past Summer 2016 marathon show on the topics of toughness and frugality, they especially touch on friendship.

Featured song sun by Utah is “Standing Kneed Deep in a River” originally by Kathy Mattea. click here to listen to the podcast.

Chapter 6 – Experience Is What You Make It

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls,Chapter 6″ of the Cowboy Conditions. We are so happy to bring you 15 minutes of quips and quotations, and one great song via our international podcast.

Featured song is “Nothing But the Wheel” famously sung by Patty Loveless. Listen to what happen’s when Utah sings, and Sky decides to show up.

Put your feet up and be sure to enjoy it! click here to listen….

Chapter 3 – Concrete Angel

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls Chapter 3 of Cowboy Conditions is built around a song, about a little girl, who has been abused, and despite her perseverance, ends up too soon in heaven.

Utah and Sky talked about what the theme was going to be, they wrestled with toughness, focus, reality, compassion and humility. They ended up seeing a need for a “call for action”, when action is called for.

Featured song is Concrete Angel originally performed by Martina McBride. click here to listen to the podcast.

Utah and Sky Sing at Artisans Holiday Fair

sky and utahUtah Red and Sky Russell of the Cowboy Conditions an international podcast on the world wide web, will sing Christmas Songs on November 5th at 12 Noon, at the Artisans Holiday Fair which is an annual event hosted by Artisans Mercantile of Snohomish which is a market for hand crafted and local small businesses.

Let Utah and Sky know you are coming by joining their facebook event page.

It’s Summer Time

Join Utah Red and Sky Russell for their Summer podcast all about “toughness and frugality“!

Utah and Sky have chosen five songs that they hope capture the theme of this podcast.  Songs performed are Love at the Five and Dime, Mr Bojangles, Standing Knee Deep in a River,  Oh My Darling Clementine and Nearest Distant Shore.

Utah red goldenAnd do take a little time to enjoy Sky’s Story about the people who lived in “Squak.”

Plan to listen to all 4 episodes click here to take you through your Summer Journey.

Produced at the Port Gardner Golden Age Sound Studios.

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It’s Spring Time

Join Utah and Sky as they focus on wisdom, optimism and Spring!

Cowboy Conditions Spring Show is meant to be an inspiration to their vast listening audience.

They have chosen five songs, that we think help to illustrate the wonder of America, the soil, the sunshine and the hope eternal that comes with Spring!  Songs performed are Love is a Rose, This Land is Your Land, From a Distance, Plant Your Fields and Lead the Parade.  Plus be inspired by Sky’s Story “Be A Dewey.”

dreamstime_s_54330567Plan to listen to all 3 episodes click here to begin your Spring Journey.

Produced at the Port Gardner Golden Age Sound Studios.

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