Summer Time – Podcast #5

In Episode #1 music is performed by Utah and Sky  includes the introduction to their Summertime theme “Toughness and Frugality”,  plus the first song of the podcast “Love at the Five and Dime” written by Nancy Griffith which made the “country top three” by the fabulous Kathy Mattea.

In Episode #2 find Utah and Sky throwing quotations and witticisms at you, plus Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Mr Bojangles” and “Standing Knee Deep in a River” sung by Kathy Mattea on the powerful Mercury Record Label.

In Episode #3 you will find Sky Russell’s story about the people who lived in “Squak” and Utah joins him in a rendition of “Oh My Darling Clementine” a traditional American western folk ballad that lies happily and most fortunately in the public domain.

In Episode #4 find Utah Red and Sky Russell to their best of Nearest Distant Shore, made popular by Trisha Yearwood and ending with “Red River Valley”, one of Sky’s Dad’s favorites.  Oh yeah, Sky shares his favorite Michael Jordan quote. So be sure to listen to the end.