Chapter 10 – Friendship & Frugality

Chapter 10 another award wining podcast as Utah and Sky further reexamination their past Summer 2016 marathon show on the topics of toughness and frugality, they especially touch on friendship.

Featured song sun by Utah is “Standing Kneed Deep in a River” originally by Kathy Mattea. click here to listen to the podcast.

Chapter 9 – Love at the Five & Dime

This is Chapter 9 of the Cowboy Conditions extravaganza.

Hey Everyone, our featured song is Nancy Griffith’s “Love at the Five and Dime” and a few special quotations from special inspirational motivators; Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar. This show is based on our Summer 2016 podcast, featuring the topics of Frugality and toughness.

Happy Trails…..

Click here to listen to the podcast.

It’s Summer Time

Join Utah Red and Sky Russell for their Summer podcast all about “toughness and frugality“!

Utah and Sky have chosen five songs that they hope capture the theme of this podcast.  Songs performed are Love at the Five and Dime, Mr Bojangles, Standing Knee Deep in a River,  Oh My Darling Clementine and Nearest Distant Shore.

Utah red goldenAnd do take a little time to enjoy Sky’s Story about the people who lived in “Squak.”

Plan to listen to all 4 episodes click here to take you through your Summer Journey.

Produced at the Port Gardner Golden Age Sound Studios.

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