Auction Donations Are From the Sky Russell Collection

Tulips to Tidepools

Well the other day, Sky Russell invited Utah Red to the barn to look at select images from his world class collection of fanciful and inspiring images from the heretofore analog world of three color published images from great newspapers, calendars, magazines and art books.

Utah had gone on and on and on, telling Sky about this idea she had, about a silent auction,  to raise funds to help keep the “Match the SNAP” Incentive Program going at the renowned Everett Farmers Market located at the very utilitarian and quaintly charming Port of Everett Washington adjoining the deep water Port Gardner Harbor.

Walking to Heaven

Well, Sky knew he could help so, he reached into his drawers in the barn and released a few very special visual gems from his world class collection, for Utah to choose from,  which could be sold at this very noteworthy auction.

In the spirit of western sustainability, Sky also refurbished the unique frames for the images, which he collected from the “Goodwill Job Training Stores” located in Arlington and Marysville, Washington.

Old Cold Cows

Utah Red made twelve choices and is absolutely proud to present them to you, as seen here in this time honored tradition of a “silent auction”.  click here to go to the online silent auction.

On behalf of the past and future members of Uncertain Sky, Mr. Russell thanks each and every one of you for the very important contribution you will be making to providing funds to “Match the Snap” to help supply vitals to the less fortunate of our community.